If the latest rumor were true, then we might just be counting down the hours before Google‘s great Android reveal involving the Nexus 9 tablet and possibly the Nexus 6 smartphone and the name of the next Android version. Naturally, we are now getting a flood of hints that point out the possible answers to all those questions, including the possible name of Android L, which might be Lollipop after all. Whatever it’s name is, Google has seemingly confirmed that it is indeed Android 5.0.

That confirmation comes via a teaser that plays on the sometimes insane amount of hype that has been poured over guessing the name of Android L. The plot is that there is a casting call for the next “L” mascot, which is taking place behind door number 5.0. The video comically pictures different possible names like Lemon Meringue Pie, Lemon Drop, Lava Cake, Lady Finger, and, strangely, Oreo (which we presume will someday make it to the official roster). Noticeably absent, however, is Lollipop, hinting that it is the one behind the casting door. That said, the dessert table also seemingly has a plate of Lady Fingers (plus one giant Lady Finger munching on them) and no Lollipop in sight, so there’s just enough ambiguity to keep people scrambling for an answer.


That ambiguity might have been dispelled by an accidental leak, now removed of course, in a Chromium bug report. The bug itself isn’t directly related to Android L, but the screenshot attached to it betrays a debug icon that is unequivocally a lollipop. Then again, Google’s developers have also referred to Android L as LMP in similar bug reports, so both names are on equal footing. Plus, as the video above proves, Google is quite game with the whole hoopla around Android names, so we can’t really be certain that the icon won’t change by the time Android 5.0 rolls out.


Google has also released three ads that are hinted to be about “Android 2.0”. No, that’s not the next version number, since we’re way past that point. It instead refers to that big “two-point-oh” milestone that is often meant as the next big step forward or innovation, probably hinting at a new marketing direction for Android. In any case, the videos do not make explicit reference to any specific product, aside from a smartwatch, though it does make hints about smartphones. One refers to all kinds of phones for all kinds of folks, probably hinting at a device that appeals to the phablet-loving crowd. The device in that clip shows a curved back that seems quite similar to the Moto X design.

The second clip is less clear, showing a smartphone whose rear camera is set at the center. Only the Galaxy Nexus has had that design, but, again, so does the Moto X.

Armed with these latest bits of knowledge, are you prepared to face the next Nexus and Android head on? Of course, until Google officially gives the word, all of these are still speculation and hearsay, but we might finally be able to put them all to rest tomorrow, if Google does make that much awaited announcement.

VIA: SlashGear, Myce