Those looking to grab a Nexus 5 with a prepaid carrier can now look towards Ting. Ting is an MVNO style carrier known for their low-priced plans. In this case you pick what you need for minutes, messages and data individually with options for each ranging from XS to XXL. As for the Nexus 5 though, for now that would need to be purchased direct from the Google Play Store.

Basically, for now those choosing to use a Nexus 5 with Ting have only that one purchase option. Ting has said availability direct with them may come in the future, but they seem set with the way things are at the present time. In fact, a comment from the Ting staff mentioned they think you are better off this way because they “can’t get you any better price on the device.”

That said, if you want to grab a Nexus 5 for Ting that would involve two-steps — purchase the handset from the Play Store and then order a compatible SIM card from Ting. At present Ting has a “priority list” for the SIM card availability. Users can find that list on the Ting website and it is basically a short form asking for your name, email and phone number along with whether you already own a Nexus 5.

Otherwise, Ting charges $6 per month per phone on your account. This is billed along with the amount of minutes, messages and data you choose. Ting also has an offer going that will help get you out of a current contract. They will not pay your entire ETF fee, however they are promising to give 25 percent (up to $75) of the fee for those looking to switch. Aside from Ting, those curious about the Nexus 5 should read through our earlier coverage, which included an initial hands-on as well as a full review.

SOURCE: Ting Blog