It seems another series of Nexus 5 images have surfaced, though, this time around the images appear to be of some dummy units. This latest round includes four five images (and growing) in total and while it is hard to say 100% these are dummy units, we can say they appear to be that. Unfortunately they are being posted with little in terms of explanation. Not to mention, they have appeared on relatively low followed and low tweeted Twitter account, which only adds to the reasons to be skeptical.

That being said, we discovered these images through r/android/ and they were posted by Twitter user @Gavinphelan12. At present this account has 173 followers and has only posted 227 tweets. Anyway, the pics include some shots of the front and some shots of the back. One of the more recent uploaded was of the volume rocker. The front images are the ones that suggest this is a dummy unit, however there are some differences in the shots of the back as well.


If you notice the shot of the back (sitting higher in this post), the LG logo is in black with the other pertinent details below. The other image of the back, in the gallery below, shows the handset without those same details and the LG logo in blue. They both however have the now familiar Nexus logo, camera lens and flash.

We should mention though, the image with the black LG logo does appear to match the first leaked Nexus 5 image — the one that came from the Kit Kat video from Google.


Otherwise, while the web seems to be overflowing with Nexus 5 leaks and rumors, we are also seeing Kit Kat (the candy) taking full advantage. We mentioned the Kit Kat “Magic” video earlier in the day and it looks like another video has arrived since. This latest is “Give” and can be seen sitting below.