Accessories may not always be your main focus when it comes to devices, but one that is designed wrong just sticks out like a sore thumb. That seems to have been the case with the first batch of Nexus 5 Bumper cases which have fortunately been redesigned to address its one and only issue.

These bumper cases were outed in late October, around the same time that the Nexus 5 itself was announced. While the cases offered protection while trying to maintain a stylish look, it apparently contained one glaring flaw. The buttons on the sides covering the power button and the volume rockers were nigh unusable. Users have been complaining that the buttons were either too thin or placed improperly that pressing them required a great big deal of effort.


The good news is that Google seems to have finally heard their please. A new batch of cases have been reported to be shipping out to new orders. This batch bears buttons that are quite noticeably thicker and larger, making them easier to use.


Now for a bit of the bad news. Google isn’t issuing a recall or replacement for those older versions, so owners will have to cough up another $35 for one. It also seems that only three of the four colors available, namely black, gray, and red, sport the new buttons. They yellow case remains the same, though that might also soon follow suit.

VIA: Droid Life