Earlier in the month we were told that T-Mobile was going to have the Nexus 4 available today. And well, coming just as we had expected — the Nexus 4 has returned to an available status. Just to clarify, we are talking about online sales here. Though, the stores should also have some Nexus 4 stock available, but more on that in a moment.

The return of the Nexus 4 with T-Mobile doesn’t bring any real surprises. Simply put, the handset has returned at the $199.99 price point. That does however come after a $50 mail-in rebate, which means that you will need to be prepared to shell out $249.99 on the day of purchase. This also means a two-year agreement with T-Mobile.

Touching back on the in-store availability. These details go back to when we last heard from T-Mobile — at that time it was said that the larger retail stores had the Nexus 4 and all stores were expected to have some within the coming weeks. This news came about a week ago so if you live close to a smaller T-Mobile location, if they don’t have any on-hand at the moment, they should be getting them in fairly soon. Of course, at this point, you could always take advantage of the website and have one delivered.

Otherwise, those looking to ditch the contract, you can buy the Nexus 4 from T-Mobile at full retail, however you will be paying quite a bit more than $199. Or for that matter, quite a bit more than you would pay direct from the Google Play Store. That said, both the 8GB and 16GB Nexus 4 remain out of stock in the Google Play Store.

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