The Nexus 4 factory images have returned to being available from Google. If you remember back, these files were taken down without warning back in mid-December. Not only did Google remove this file without explanation, the return seems to have come just as quietly. The interesting part here, on the surface there does not appear to be any change.

In fact, the version number, build number and checksums have all remained as they were before. The file is currently available from the Google Nexus Factory Images page and showing as being for version 4.2.1 (JOP40D) with an MD5 checksum of 9f39365c4eb0aba843fefabd5423802d.

Removal and return aside, this should come as good news for anyone that has a Nexus 4 and is looking to return it to an original factory state. If nothing else, now would be a good time to download and save the file, just in case there comes a time when Google happens to pull it down again.

The part that leaves us scratching our heads is why it was taken down in the first place. Of course, in reality the reason it was pulled it most likely far less interesting than what one may imagine. Normally we would keep an eye out for a Google issued statement, however given the file had already been down for almost two months, it seems the time for a statement has long since past.

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[via Nexus Factory Images]