When it comes to the Nexus 4, there are a lot of things to like (except the lack of a microSD slot, but that’s another story for another time). One thing people seem to like most is the design of the device. The only problem is that the Nexus 4 is currently sold out on the Google Play Store and even some of those who ordered it on launch day are being told that their phone won’t ship for another three weeks. What’s a prospective Nexus 4 owner to do?

Well, for starters, you could download Wasabi’s new Nexus 4 Dot Live Wallpaper for your device, which brings a little Nexus 4 style to your smartphone. It’s free, but that doesn’t mean that it will populate your home screen with ads. Instead, the ads only show when you’re in the Live Wallpaper settings menu, leaving you free to enjoy your incredibly cool wallpaper while you’re on your home screen.

This live wallpaper comes in a variety of different colors – white, purple, red, blue, green, and yellow – and each of them look great. You can change the color at anytime by opening up the Nexus 4 Dot “app” that’s downloaded to your phone. You can increase or decrease the rate at which the dots fade in and out and you can also change the size of the dots too. All in all, it isn’t bad choice if you’ve been searching for a new Live Wallpaper.

The ads are a little on the annoying side, but hey, the developers have to make money somehow. At the end of everything, the ads are a small price to pay for having a Live Wallpaper that looks this cool. You can download the app from the Google Play Store right now [download link] and if you do, be sure to jump down to the comment section and tell us what you think of it.