Since introduction, the Nexus 10 has been one of the better tablets on offer. Top to bottom, it’s one of the better tablets around, and sales proved as much. Even with a fairly steep $499 price tag, the Nexus 10 sold well, and has been listed at various stages of “unavailable” for quite some time. That’s changes, as the device is now listed as “coming soon”.

This change in status will reinvigorate rumors of a refresh coming. We’ve heard various OEMs mentioned as the new Nexus 10 maker, with Asus and LG getting top nods. We could see a surprise Acer Nexus 10, too. They have an event scheduled for later this month, where they hint at a slew of touch enabled devices coming. Acer is a prominent partner for Chromebooks, so a Nexus device isn’t out of the question.

A new Nexus 10 is long overdue. The original device launched in 2012, a few months after the Nexus 7. We expected a similar update cycle to the Nexus 7, but have so far been disappointed. Samsung never followed up with another Nexus 10, and no other OEM has stepped up to fill their spot.

We’ll only hope this means the Nexus 10 is coming soon, not the Samsung variant we’ve seen listed for quite some time. That one’s a bit long in the tooth at this point, and we’d love to see a reboot with updated — well,  everything. When? Who? Nobody knows just yet, or at least those that do know aren’t saying just yet.

Source: Play Store



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