Do you know about Nextbit? Well, they are the manufacturers of the Nextbit Robin smartphone, the one that helps you automatically manage your storage space by integrating your personal usage patterns on files and apps and seamless uploading to cloud storage. Suffice it to say that users of the Nextbit Robin will take a while before they worry about storage. Now Nextbit is planning to do the same innovative approach, this time to your smartphone battery.

A lot of other manufacturers have taken cues from what Nextbit has pioneered with the Robin. Google Photos have been trying to duplicate Nextbit’s strategy on a smaller scale, and even the Google Play Store is doing something similar with Instant Apps. Apple has started to integrate iCloud storage more and more for files and apps on the iOS.


But one problem that has rarely been solved is battery life. Manufacturers have attacked this issue from a number of launch points. Some just get bigger batteries. Some work on more efficient chipsets to lessen power usage, and still some people will say faster charging technology. Nextbit is planning to tackle the issue from the software and usage standpoint, just as it did with storage.

Nextbit is set to launch a new battery software technology that will leverage on “knowing habits and optimizing functions at the system level to ensure you get the most screen time possible.” Best of all, this tech can be implemented over Marshmallow and the upcoming Android N, with all the new power efficiency features these platforms have, giving you a compounded effect on battery power efficiency.

Nextbit isn’t telling us when they will announce yet, or if we should also expect a new device out of them to highlight this new tech. Our bet is that a new device will also come out with this. All they said was “later in the year”, so that means we wait.

SOURCE: Nextbit