When Snapchat first introduced Spectacles to the market, there was none like it and so those who wanted to be ahead of everyone else, and those who were addicted to Snaps grabbed the accessories immediately. The company probably got excited seeing the demand and so ordered a lot more of the picture and video taking sunglasses. But according to a report from The Information, the unsold units are now just stocked in a Chinese warehouse with no hope of actually going to owners who will use them.

If you needed a refresher, the Spectacles are sunglasses that you could wear when you’re at an event, a party, or just somewhere where you need to take a lot of Snaps. You just need to press a button on the specs to start recording a 10-second video and then press again to extend to 20-30. Of course, you get to take videos from your perspective only so no selfies here. The videos are then automatically backed up to your Memories on Snapchat.

The Information has now reported that there are hundreds of thousands of Spectacles just lying around in a Chinese warehouse. And given that the demand for it has all but gone, they may probably never get sold at all. Snap CEO Evan Spiegel said earlier this month that they have sold over 150,000 units. He also emphasized that hardware is going to be an important component in their customer experience, but maybe in a decade.

The $129.99 Spectacles are still, of course, available for purchase but the question is, are there that many consumers out there who would still want to have one?

VIA: The Information


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