Android P

The next Android dessert will be “sweeter”. We’re not sure what will be served but we’ve been saying it could be Pocky. It could also be Peppermint, Pineapple, Peanut Butter, Pancake, Popsicle, or Pecan Pie. The list can go on and on so we’ll stop now. Let’s call it simply as Android P and start to discuss the features. We know Android P will be ready for Nokia smartphones and that it will allow networks to control LTE signal bars. Details are scarce but we believe more rumors and speculations will be published a few weeks before the Google I/O 2018 event where the tech giant will reveal the new dessert.

People are saying Google will introduce a new feature or technology that may look like an overhaul of the past designs. Interestingly, it may be similar to what Apple has launched recently–the notch we see on the iPhone X. We’re not going to make any conclusions about this move yet because the truth is, nothing is final yet. Most OEMs haven’t really rolled out the Oreo update so before we stress over Android P, there’s still the cookie update to wait for.

So far, we know Android P will further lengthen battery life (as usual), support new screen sizes and designs, and offer better integration of the Google Assistant. The notch may not be available on most phones yet but rumor has it Huawei is implementing such design on the next-gen P20 phones. The Essential Phone has such tiny cutout so the idea is likely to become a reality.

Having the notch or cutouts at the top of the screen may fit more sensors and cameras that can make the device more powerful and feature-rich than ever. We know dual front-facing cameras are slowly becoming a thing as iris and facial recognition technology are set to advance. This notch design may only be found on premium flagship phones so we’re not expecting devices to have it this year. And if Google decides to follow Apple in this direction, then we’ll closely watch the mobile industry and see how the market responds.

VIA: Bloomberg