SO you’re in to the whole understanding of how the Android version ecosystem works, are you? Let’s have a look at how Google sees it. As their latest findings reveal, devices accessing the Android Market (their gauge for official Android devices) are showing a 14 day trend showing the following: Android 2.3 and 2.3.4 Gingerbread are coming up quick, Android 2.2 Froyo is still highly dominant, and Android 2.1 Eclair is STILL no small contender. And what do you know, there’s still a few Android 1.x devices out there – who the heck are you people, and what do you want with us futuristic accessors?

The study you see above and below shows the breakdown of what Google considers officially still-active Android device versions, the above done in a study of Android devices having accessed the Android Market in a 14 day period leading up to July 5th. Below you’ll see historical distribution that shows a period starting at the beginning of 2011 and ending again on July 5th. What you’re going to see quite clearly is the past few months bring the Gingerbread fury while all the rest of the versions at lead head downward a bit. Android versions below 2.1 are nearly nonexistent, but it’s Android 2.1 that takes the biggest hit, starting with nearly 1/3 of the pie and ending with less than 1/4.

Another point of interest: where is Honeycomb? You can see the two versions of the Android tablet-based OS access the Android Market in the first graph, but the second shows the version to be nonexistent. Poor OS, you’re going to go away before you even started to exist!

Once Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is released, will there be any need for Honeycomb? While all these other OS types can easily work on larger devices such as tablets, Honeycomb doesn’t exactly translate backward. Ice Cream Sandwich is set to alleviate such problems, and will tie the two different Android OS types together. Bye bye Bee, we hardly knew thee!

[via Android Developers]


  1. Trash, this sounds like a microsft forum from 10 years ago. Look how that went. Ver 4 will come and go, why? Because corps will finger it, devs will reverse it and thus new versions fow people wanting total freedom back. Im seeing a trend now. The more corporate greed for im sure thier justified reasoning, will find a way to mess it up. Never fails. Sound fimiliar ? It should. Because we have all been jacked into this bizzar loop. Why? Well greed of course.

    Beyond that, looks like the usa is going into a economic depression. Last year inflation went up about 10% and in the next year of so will go up 50% and this point your screwed. All extra money will go on food.


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