The last time we got a new update for developer Koushik Dutta’s AllCast – that wonderful little app that allows you to stream media from your device “over-the-air” to media-enabled receivers and TVs – was in May this year, when the developer announced that AllCast was now also available as a Chrome browser extension. Before this, he also tweaked the app’s subtitle features when using Chromecast. “Koush” explains that he has been developing new features, and we all get to test them in this new update of the app.

The first major update is a new “split view” when streaming media from your tablet in landscape mode. It gives you a little bit more flexibility, being able to do control activities on the left side of the screen, like browsing your device for media. On the right side, the user is able to control the playback of said media. Kinda cool, if you ask us.

Koush also made some changes in the way photos are “cast” (that is, streamed) to your viewing device of choice, saying that he improved the UI by making it more “swipey”. The app now also has a dedicated slideshow mode, making the way we stream our selfies or that recent trip to the beach to a bigger screen a lot easier.

Lastly, there has always been a sort of a problem when you use a personal device such as your smartphone as a streaming source. There is always the possibility of someone calling you in the middle of a streaming session, and it kinda screws up casting that last episode of Game of Thrones when your mom suddenly calls you and the playback continues while you are talking to your mom – you have to take her call, right? Thankfully, this new update now automatically pauses the video whenever a call comes in, which is very nice indeed.

Grab the free version of AllCast here. The paid version can be downloaded here.