Koushik “Koush” Dutta has just made an announcement that brings his AllCast streaming system beyond its usual target devices. Now any computer can become a recipient of streaming media thanks to the new AllCast Receiver Chrome web browser extension.

AllCast streaming already works with a variety of target devices, usually multimedia boxes or dongles like the Google Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku box, and, most recently, the Amazon Fire TV. Last week, however, Koush released the AllCast Receiver app on Google Play Store, practically turning any compatible Android device into a receiver.

Now, any computer can be one too. The AllCast Receiver Chrome extension works on PCs running Windows or Linux as well as on Macs. All supported streaming formats have been noted as working, including even mirroring, though Koush comments that its not ideal considering it uses the WebRTC route also used by Chromecast. The short video below demonstrates the extension action.

This Chrome browser extension works only with a new version of the AllCast sender that Koush has also released today. He also teases that a Chrome extension for an AllCast sender will be coming soon, which will turn the tables and turn any computer into a broadcaster for any supported AllCast Receiver.

Download: AllCast Receiver on Chrome Web Store
SOURCE: +Koush