If you remember, Actions on Google was launched December last year as the developer platform for the new Google Assistant digital voice assistant. Since that time, there have been quite a number of third party companies utilizing the API to create actions specific to their products or service on Google Assistant. But quite creatively, there also have been people who created games for Google Assistant – and the mothership is giving them more tools to create better games for this specific platform.

Games like Akinator and SongPop have been ported to Google Assistant via the Actions on Google platform, using the associated Actions SDK and API. The good news is, Google is updating the toolset so better games can be made for Google Assistant. First up, Google is releasing a new sound effect library to make games more engaging. These sounds range from airplanes, whistles, bowling pins, and a whole lot more.

Secondly, Google has just published a guide to port those “Interactive Fiction” text-based games into Google Assistant. We’re pretty sure some of you spent hours upon hours of solving these mysteries that were usually just plain text and accepted simple commands. Now imagine if you can have those games on Google Assistant.

Lastly, if you are looking to create new types of games for Google Assistant, you can look at the updated list of companies that have integrated their solutions for Google Assistant. Your journey to creating a new game may start by talking to the right people. Check out the source link below for additional information.

SOURCE: Android