Sony isn’t just showing off new premium flagship smartphones at this year’s Mobile World Congress. Barcelona will also be witness to the launch of the new Xperia Ear Duo. It’s a new pair of wireless headset that follows the Sony Xperia Ear Open-Style Concept we saw from last year. It will be out in the market this coming May through Amazon in the United States. If you happen to be at the MWC this week, you can visit Sony Mobile’s booth and see for yourself how the Xperia Ear Duo can be your choice for a new wireless accessory as it offers dual listening, allowing users to hear environmental sounds and music at the same time, as well as, incoming notifications.

The pair makes use of Spritzer which is Sony’s smart chip and advanced multi-sensor platform. It also adds automatic activity recognition and contextual sensing. It doesn’t work with just Android as it is also compatible with iOS.

The pair feature’s Sony’s Spatial Acoustic Conductor that was developed by the company’s own Future Lab Program. What it does is allow sound generated behind the ear to be transmitted directly into the ear. There’s a ring that surrounds the ear canal so music can blend with sounds from the environment. It’s almost smart in the sense it can adjust volume intelligently depending on the background noise. The Sony Clear Phase audio technology eliminates sound dispersion for high-quality listening.

The Sony Xperia Ear Duo can responsd to head gestures. It may sound fun to decline or answer calls by simply shaking your head. If you’re not up to it, you can choose to control volume or music by scrolling or tapping on the device. Of course, you can also rely on the voice control provided by either Siri or the Google Assistant. This feature depends on the quad microphone beam-forming that lets you make calls, launch apps, send message, set reminders, and filter noise. Voice isolation is what it offers for voice control that really works.

Sony’s Xperia Ear Duo is rechargeable. It can last up to a maximum of four hours of non-stop audio listening. It comes in a compact case that can keep the pair safe and juiced up all the time. For $279.99, it’s expected to offer premium audio quality. Amazon will start taking pre-order for the Sony Xperia Ear Duo starting today, February 26. You can choose from either the Gold or Black model.