A lot of the best gadget makers sometimes pour a lot of effort (not to mention money) into creating materials like marketing campaigns, videos, even viral campaigns to make you believe that you actually need to get that smartphone or tablet or wearable right here and right now. No matter how great your gadget is, if you don’t have a great campaign, sometimes it will still not sell as you would expect it.

Creating videos hasn’t really been HTC‘s strong suite, although the two they released last week may be the start of something new. And now that their well-received HTC One M9 is poised to take on their rival smartphones, they have come up with five more brand new videos, showing off the various features of their new flagship. The main one is an over-all look at the smartphone in a space-themed video that highlights what makes it stand out from others in the market, including its two-toned metal finish, personalizing the themes of your screens and the HTC Sense Home Widget which allows you to change the apps shown on your screen based on where you are. It also shows how HTC Blinkfeed can help you make meal decisions, how great both your main camera and the front-facing one take great pictures, and the BoomSound that will make watching videos more exciting.

The other four videos are shorter ones that focus on the various highlights of their flagship. In HTC Imaging, a “magician” shows off the 20MP main camera, but also more on the 4MP ultrapixel front-facing camera that lets you take good pictures even in low light settings. HTC BoomSound shows a man who feels like the planes he’s watching are with him in the room because of the Surround sound feature. HTC Sense Home showcases how the phone can help you compartmentalize your life through your apps while HTC Connect apparently makes it easy for you to have a dance showdown at your house.

We’re still waiting for the official release date of the HTC One M9, as well as the pricing details. So until then, just feast your eyes (and ears) on what this smartphone will be offering you, should you give in to the temptation.