Samsung fans are eagerly awaiting the release of the upcoming newest member of the Galaxy Note family. Tradition says it will come out in September, in a side-event at the IFA in Berlin, which is where the four Notes were unveiled year after year. But a rumor is now spreading that it might actually come earlier than expected and be released as early as August. Now as to why this will be is up for speculation as well.

A source close to the matter has said that the Korean OEM might be launching the Galaxy Note 5, which earlier rumors say is codenamed “Project Noble”, by mid-August, instead of the day before the kickoff of the IFA 2015 in Berlin. It might probably have to do with the fact that they would need more time to hype up the product in time for the tech show in September, as sales of various Samsung products have not been as profitable as before.

There have been a lot of rumors and leaks about the Galaxy Note 5 the past few weeks, including the fact that it will carry the Exynos 7422 processor which is said to be the first truly all-in-one solution from Samsung. Early renders show that it will look like the current flagship, the Galaxy S6, but it will be bigger at 5.7-inches with a Super AMOLED display. It might also be carrying the USB Type-C port, either 3 or 4GB of RAM, and a 4100mAh battery that may not be removable.

Last year, a few days after they launched the Galaxy Note 4, iPhone unveiled its iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, and practically stole some of its thunder. There is still no news whether or not we can expect an iPhone 7 this year, same time as last year, so it will now be a waiting game for both Apple and Samsung, and us consumers of course.


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