Even as the corporate side of Cyanogen pushes to be profit-making and be picked up by some OEMs as the Android OS of choice for their devices, the ROM-making “CM Team” continues to put out CM12 – their Android Lollipop-flavored AOSP-based version of the CyanogenMod after-market Android software – for more and more devices out there. Today, we announce 3 more to get nightly builds – the new Moto X (2014), the Moto E, and the Oppo N3.


The Moto X was one of the standout phones last year, and one of the many flagship devices Motorola put out. The device was updated to Android Lollipop fairly recently, but if you are used to an AOSP flavor of your software, then you can try the new CM12 nightly build for the Moto X. You will need an unlocked bootloader for this – pretty easy for those who own the “Pure Edition”, you can just ask Motorola for an unlock code. A bit more difficult for those who have locked bootloaders, but there are ways.


The Moto E was one of the best budget phones around in 2014. Since it has a relatively simple approach to Android, then you might choose to spice up the Android version with the Lollipop flavors of CM12. The Oppo N3 is an otherwise solid phone hardware-wise, with the unique rotating camera module. It came out with Android 4.4.4, with no advise if it was getting some Android 5.0 love from Oppo. But CM12 is available for it now.


Just a reminder for those who will try to flash these CM12 ROMs to your phones – these are nightly builds, which means you will find bugs of some sort or another. But if you want Lollipop, then this is one way of getting it. Check out the download links below.

SOURCE: CyanogenMod nightlies – Moto X | Moto E | Oppo N3