Carl Pei, co-founder of China-based phone manufacturer OnePlus, let it be known through Twitter today that CM12S – that is, the Lollipop version of Cyanogen’s proprietary software for the OnePlus One – may be arriving mid to late March. And with a view to the quite public separation of Cyanogen and OnePlus, he also said that OxygenOS – the company’s self-developed version of Android – may arrive within the same timeline.

OnePlus – like HTC – gave a 90-day deadline for itself to bring Lollipop to the OnePlus One. It now says that issues with proprietary drivers, code, QA, and certifications were the reasons why – again, like HTC – the company missed its 90-day deadline, not to mention the ugly spat it had with the ones who were producing the software to begin with.


There is a very low possibility of Cyanogen still being tied together with OnePlus after this update, and so OnePlus is also touting its in-house OxygenOS – which would probably be released together with CM12S so that at this point, people will have a choice.


With the OnePlus 2 coming up within the year and OnePlus actually removing Cyanogen branding off its boxes already, consumers can expect with relative certainty that the next smartphone from OnePlus will not be offering a Cyanogen-made software.

SOURCE: @getpeid