OnePlus 6T WEIBO

The ‘T’ variant of a OnePlus phone is usually unveiled during the last quarter of each year. We’re already looking forward to the OnePlus 6T as its been months since the OnePlus 6 was launched. Our first mention of the OnePlus 6T was a couple of weeks ago when we said it’s finally coming to a US carrier. The flagship model is getting a follow-up before the next-gen OnePlus 7 is revealed in 2019 but more of that later. We’ll focus on the OnePlus 6T first.

The OnePlus 6T is confirmed to be out officially released by T-Mobile this October or November. An unlocked model will also roll out but a T-Mobile variant is welcome because this means official support from a mobile carrier.

Details are scarce but a post on Weibo is teasing something for January 15. Could the image posted be for the OnePlus 6T or the next-gen OnePlus 7? We’re leaning more on the OnePlus 7 although that will be too early considering the flagship is regularly announced in Q2.

OnePlus is allowed to make changes but the move will be a shift in business strategy. We can’t say OnePlus needs to make improvements but we know changing the timeline will have an effect. Hopefully, it’s all for the better.

Rumor has it OnePlus is considering a 5G version so the phone to be announced in January could be 5G-enabled. It could be a OnePlus 6 5G. It may not even be a OnePlus 7 but a totally different model.

How about a gaming phone from OnePlus? The possibilities are endless so let’s wait and see.

VIA: Weibo