Well would you look at that, some cool live wallpapers were found in the Samsung Galaxy SII’s most recent build. There’s a lovely Beach scene and some forward-thinking green windmills so you can harness the power of the wind. They of course also work with GPS coordinates, see what time of day it is, and change weather based on what it is outside your house. They can also read your mind and talk to you if you’ve got anything interesting to say. Download them now!

It’s always fun to see new live wallpapers come out with new devices – regular wallpapers are neat, but heck, they don’t move, you know what I mean? With the Galaxy S II we were basically guaranteed some new miraculous magnificence, and indeed we were given such a thing – and now, courtesy of our good pal Rawat sitting pretty at XDA Developers, we’ve got just the ticket. Both of these live wallpapers are available for download from the following sources:

Beach APK
Windmills APK

We’ve already tested them both and they seem to work rather well, but take caution as always, as they aren’t official distributed the way you’d normally wan to be sure of getting such a thing from. That make sense to you? Or are you one of those hacker types who likes to see the HTC Sensation get a temp perm perm temp root? Hacks galore!

In related news, the Galaxy S II might not even be coming to the USA at all through official channels – are carriers just not interested? Read more about that back earlier this morning.

[via XDA Developers]