Twitter, I owe you a collective apology before I begin this post. I’m sorry. I love the new “mute a Twitter user” feature on Twidroyd. Please, I want to follow each other, but just not during your Twitter-tantrums.

Jokes aside, it’s a great feature for those Twitter users who follow a considerable number of people. I had a chance to finally use it while building and installing themes with Twidroyd Factory last night. There are some people that I follow on Twitter that although they have a great message and I don’t want to unfollow or block them, their message is just not always of interest for a myriad of reasons. This feature addresses this nicely.

“Mute a Twitter user” is very intuitive and easy to use. You manage who is muted and duration from users profile pages. Just hit “Mute User” from the menu button and you are prompted with your options. There is even an option to notify the user that you are muting their Tweets, although that could prove, shall we say, interesting on the virtual playground. (Why do I feel like we are in store for “muted” or “unmuted” battles?) Twidroyd does warn that you are only hiding users Tweets on Twidroyd and that Tweets will still be visible on That simple to use!

I am afraid to ask you to sound off below. Twitter, we can still be friends, right?

[via Twidroyd]