Twidroyd has long been considered one of the leading Twitter apps for Android. They continue to push innovation of the Twitter experience on mobile platforms. Yesterday they announced via Twitter, Twidroyd Factory, a website users can utilize to develop their own themes for Twydroyd. While I can’t currently find any new features that cannot be adjusted from your mobile phone, in what Twydroyd calls a “preview version”, one of the key features is that users can now share themes. On the main site, you can browse themes that others have created and even better, they can be emailed and downloaded. This equals a total win for the end-user and Android. The hope is that Twidroyd continues to add features to expand the customization of the interface. I have to say, the functionality of  Twidroyd Factory is solid for merely being a “preview release”. Exciting things should develop from this customization tool, which gives the end-user total involvement in the appearance of their 3rd party application and ability to share with others.  The laundry list of recent features, including the equally brilliant “mute a Twitter user”, makes it appear as though Twidroyd will keep bringing goodness to the Android table.

The vain side of me has to admit, there’s something cool about typing in the words “John’s Theme”.

[Via Twidroyd on Twitter]