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Even before we mentioned that Google would be launching a new web photo sharing service, the search giant was also tipped to spin Google+ Photos into its own service last year. All roads seemed to lead to today now that Google has officially announced “Photos”. It’s a new version of the app that offers unlimited photo and video storage for free.

Google finally brings “a home for all your photos and video, helping you organize and bring moments to life and making it easy to share and save what matters”. It still needs your Google account and if you have a Google+ profile, photos stored can be incorporated with it although it’s not really a requirement.

Photo and video overload is very common. One person has probably taken hundreds of thousands of images already in his lifetime. According to Google, humankind has taken trillions already and might make another trillion this 2015. Storage has always been a problem and even with the large built-in memory or microSD cards used for expansion, they will never be enough for someone who likes to capture memories with hundreds of clicks each day.

While cloud storage is quickly becoming a standard, there is still the challenge of remembering where you’ve stored your photos and videos. You have too many mobile devices, computers, and cloud accounts that you forget especially when you really need your files or just when you want to share them.

Google knows your pain so it’s launching the new Google Photos. It’s a standalone product as we speculated. It works as a home for all photos and videos with easy organization. With Google Photos, you can now manage your media files with easy. App also allows you to save files that really matter and lets you share them with your contacts.

Google Photos

Google Drive already allows you to “Keep Everything and Share Anything” and you can now view Google+ photos on it but Google Photos can now serve as a private and single place to keep all those memories. Be able to access them from any device anytime. As with most reliable Photo services and apps, your files are synced and backed up automatically.

How it is different from other similar services? Google Photos offers unlimited storage of photos and videos–even in high-quality for FREE. No need to pay a premium to get more storage space because Google Photos can store all your media files at no extra cost. Google can store photos with up to 16MP resolution and videos in 1080p high-definition but compressed versions will also be saved. You can set Photos to store them in their original resolution and quality, but those will count against your Google Account quota instead of being unlimited.

When it comes to organizing photos, Google Photos will automatically organize memories by the people, things, and places. No need to create, label, or tag albums. Just use search and Google will find the photos you need. Google Photos does auto-grouping so it should be easier to find what you’re looking for. You can also do some enhancements on your photos–adjust the color and lighting if you want to improve the quality of the photos. You can also make your own animations, mini movies with soundtrack, and collages among others.

There’s the Assistant view that suggests new things made with your photos and videos. You can view this by swiping to the left of the screen. You can also share your photos with any app or service from Hangouts to WhatsApp to Twitter. Create a link of a set of photos you want to show off then share the link. They can easily save photos to their own device or library with a single tap.

Google Photos is now available for Android, iOS, and the web.

Download Google Photos from the Google Play Store or visit Google Photos [].

SOURCE: Google

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