Garmin EPIX

It’s the new year and we’re certain you’ve been thinking about finally getting fit and healthy. Like many people do, you’ve probably made a list. Some of you may have already shopped for athleisure clothes and new running shoes. Add to your shopping list a new fitness watch like these new ones from Garmin–the Garmin EPIX and the Garmin fēnix 7 Series. Each health smartwatch is able to offer tracking features, accuracy, and efficiency.

Garmin Epix

Let’s start with the Garmin epix. This wearable device is a premium multisport smartwatch that comes with a max of 16-day battery life. It has a vibrant AMOLED screen that offers preview for built-in sports apps, smart features, and round-the-clock health and wellness monitoring.

This one boasts a premium look and feel as made possible by the titanium bezel and sapphire lens. This one combines a number of helpful things like advanced training features, activity tracking, and health monitoring–everything that can help you get healthy and strong.

Garmin Epix is ideal for the athletes and those who want to start being healthy. Garmin’s VP for Global Consumer Sales Dan Bartel said: “Designed for an active lifestyle, epix is a versatile premium multisport wearable with AMOLED display and exceptional battery life, built to deliver essential wellness, training and recovery features right to your fingertips.”

Garmin Epix provides a host of user-friendly smart features plus all-day connection and convenience. It offers smart notifications, music storage, safety and tracking, and Garmin Pay for contactless payment solution. The watch allows personalization with the watch faces and widgets available.

Other specs include a 1.3’’ always-on AMOLED display, button controls, responsive touchscreen interface, and a bunch of tracking features —wrist-based heart rate, Body-Battery energy monitoring, advanced sleep with sleep score and insights, and respiration and stress tracking. It offers animated workouts for strength training, yoga, and cardio among others.

Different sports apps are also ready: gym workouts, surfing, skiing, golding, bouldering, climbing, tenning, and pickleball. QuickFit bands are ready in different materials like silicone, suede, leather, and metal.

Garmin Fenix 7 Series

Garmin Fenix 7

The Fenix has been Garmin’s flagship offering. The series consists of rugged multisport smartwatches ready to deliver the ultimate in performance and endurance. The new model offers a new touchscreen design, button controls, and advanced training tools. There are also advanced training tools for longer battery life. A built-in flashlight is also available.

This was actually leaked ahead of launch. The fēnix 7 series comes equipped with a housing that matches a 5-button interface. It features metal-reinforced lugs, protective button guard, a responsive touch screen, and cutting-edge training features. You can also expect multi-continent mapping and multi-band positioning. Extended battery life is also a promise as made possible by advanced solar charging.

Dan Bartel has this to say about the Garmin Fenix 7 Series: “The fēnix 7 Series brings cutting-edge training and multisport features to the wrist. With a design upgrade, Garmin’s best-in-class performance metrics and health/wellness tracking, fēnix 7 provides serious athletes everything they need for peak performance.”

The watch also offers advanced training features like a Real-Time Stamina tool, Visual Race Predictor, Post workout and Recovery Time Advisor, and Daily Workout Suggestions. Different models are available: Garmin fēnix 7X, fēnix 7, fēnix 7S, Solar and Sapphire Solar Editions, and standard (non-solar). Pricing starts at $699.99.


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