Another day, another batch of new Samsung videos. It’s just a few days from the official reveal of the Galaxy Note 4 and they’re definitely upping the anticipation. This time, they enlisted the help of three real-life artistic people who are huge fans of the Note series. The three 1-minute videos how these individuals have maximized their devices, particularly the S-Pen of the Note to further develop their creativity.

Fashion Blogger and model Martha Pozzan says that the Note has enabled her to not use a computer anymore in the year that she’s been a user of it. She uses the scrapbook feature to save and create her fashion pegs. She creates a sort of storyboard to guide her for photo shoots for her blog with her stylist.

Day Day is a barber and artist who says he operates his life through his Galaxy Note. He has a physical journal/sketchbook which he also keeps on his smartphone with the power of the S-Pen. He also sketches on his Note the hairstyles he wants to do on his client and show it to them beforehand before actually cutting their hair.

Musician and spiritual healer Diva Dompe says she’s able to share her music, meditation videos and thoughts through her Galaxy Note. She shows that being “hippie” and “New Age” doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t be in touch with your digital and hi-tech side. She even mentions that the crystals within the smartphone can be used to “transmit the energy outward.”

The videos that they’ve released the past few days are pointing towards the fact that the Galaxy Note 4 will be relying a lot on the S-Pen so we’re kinda looking forward to what more functionality they can add to the past releases. The official announcement will be made on September 3 during the Samsung event in Berlin, just right before IFA 2014.

SOURCE: Samsung