Moto Z Edge Mod Supercharge 2

The Moto Mod game is getting more intense. The modular system for the Moto Z introduced by Motorola is definitely a great choice. It still has a long way to go but it’s off to a good start as proven by the Moto Mods challenge where 700 entries from 55 countries have been submitted. We’ve featured a number of ideas already and we know more will be developed and introduced the rest of the year. The latest we saw on Indiegogo is this Edge Mod that lets you Supercharge your Moto Z.

This concept was one of the finalists chosen during the Motorola hackathon challenge. There is no clear winner yet but this one has a good chance of winning. This Moto Z Moto Mod Candidate was submitted by Imagine Tech, a startup from Poland, who described this project as a soure of extra battery life, advanced notifications, and wireless charging. Also known as the Edge, this Moto Mod for Moto Z is the first RGB lighting system in the world.

Feel free to customize and link it to other notifications so your mobile experience is more enhanced and more personalized. There is also the Edge Air option that will upgrade your phone with wireless charging while Edge Force will extend battery performance.

The idea of the Edge Mod is that you don’t have to unlock your screen when a notification is received. You see, you don’t need to pick up your phone every time becase not all alerts are important. The multi-LED system lets you personalize and illuminate notifications so you know which one is something that needs your attention. Two versions are available: Edge Force and Edge Air. The Edge Force is an extra 2000 mAh battery while the Edge Air makes wireless charging possible and convenient.

Total funds raised reached $30,232 USD as of today, March 9, 2017.

SOURCE: Indiegogo