We knew this one is coming because earlier at the CES 2017 event, we featured this Intel-engineered wearable from New Balance. The lifestyle brand is finally ready to roll out the RunIQ smartwatch that runs Android Wear and is powered by Intel Atom inside. It looks more like a health and fitness watch. Well, there’s the fact that it was developed by New Balance plus its features focused on analyzing workouts and heart rate.

The smartwatch comes equipped with GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, sync with STRAVA for the sharing, and Google Play Music support. Official specs include a 1.39-inch AMOLED display screen, gyroscope, accelerometer, 512MB DRAM, and 4GB onboard storage among others. It’s powered by Android Wear and can operate in different languages from English to Japanese, Korean, German, Italian, and French.

The optical heart rate monitoring is located near the back of the watch for obvious reasons. It is close to your wrist for monitoring heart rate, locating via GPS, and location tracking when necessary.

The New Balance watch’s battery can last the whole day. There’s a “one-tap LAP” button for easier access in the future. This device is ready for health tracking for whatever physical activity you are doing whether running, lifting weights, HIIT, playing tennis, or just about any other sports you love to do.

VIA: SlashGear


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