Last week Google announced an all-new and improved Gmail for desktop and mobile, and today it’s finally hitting devices. After first pushing the new and organized Gmail to desktops, today the app has arrived in the Play Store for some. Again, this is a slow staged rollout and isn’t appearing for everyone, but we have a few download links below to keep things simple.

Now that it’s finally hitting devices we can tell you it looks pretty amazing. Not only does this completely change and organize your inbox, but we have that tablet style slide-out navigation panel to the left, new colored organization, and even pull down to refresh. Yes! It’s about time we got an overhaul on Gmail.

So far everything looks pretty nice, and the pull down to refresh animation is full of Android Holo and looks amazing. Obviously swipe to clear and delete is the focus here, but the simple multi-delete option from before is gone. Instead you have to long press to select multiple emails for deletion or forwarding. And each one you have to long press, it doesn’t recognize you’re in that mode and let you tap away. Not a fan.

Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 12.35.41 PM

However, we can empty the entire trash with a single button now, so that’s a plus. The tablet UI looks pretty awesome too but we’ll be digging around for a few more minutes to see if there’s anything else special hiding in the all new Gmail. The update will slowly be arriving so if you haven’t got it yet, just hit the download link below and enjoy the all-new Gmail for Android.

DOWNLOAD: Gmail version 4.5

SOURCE: Play Store
VIA: AndroidPolice



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