Google has detailed the latest update for Gmail. This update brings changes for the Gmail app on Android as well as on the web. Google is touting this update as being one that will add a bit of control to your inbox. The update will separate mail by type and it is arriving with a few pre-set categories such as Social, Promotions and Updates. This also appears to be based off those leaked screenshots we saw coming out of Google I/O.

If you notice the images sitting above, this Gmail for Android update brings the ability to swipe (and also tap the menu icon in the upper left corner), which is what we saw in those leaked images. More important today though, tapping that icon or swiping will reveal those new categories and your new inboxes.

Essentially, what we should have is an inbox that breaks things down and provides the email that is most important first. Pretty much, Google is giving you multiple inboxes and doing this all automatically. This goes back to Google talking about how it feels like our inboxes are controlling us. That aside, those using Gmail for Android will have the app launch to the Primary category, but those other categories will be easily available with a swipe or tap.

Otherwise, while we are pretty excited to check this out, there are those who fear change. Well, those who fear change and those who are probably more than sufficient with the current Gmail setup. That being the case, Google will be offering the option to switch this off allowing you to remain with your current setup.

As far as getting access, Google has said the Android release will arrive in the next few weeks and on the desktop side the new inbox will be rolling out gradually. There doesn’t appear to be any way to speed up the Android app release, however there is an option to speed things up on the desktop side. Those looking to begin playing now should be on the lookout for the gear menu and an option called “Configure inbox.”

SOURCE: Official Google Blog