Sounds like the ball has truly started rolling for Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD refresh. It seems that Amazon has indeed been working on that, but it might not exactly be what we have been expecting.

The time is just right for Amazon to update its line of Kindle Android tablets, with every major manufacturer churning out a new tablet these days. There have already been rumors about what the insides of the new Kindle Fire HD might look like and it sounds good so far. And, as if to keep us in suspense, Amazon dropped the prices of its current gen of Kindle Fires last week, hinting to a possible injection of new blood.


One of the rumors mentions MediaTek as the new supplier of the tablet’s system-on-chip. But based on this leaked results of a GFXBench test, that might turn out to be just a rumor. The benchmark shows that the tablet would be equipped with Qualcomm’s Adreno 330 GPU, which, if true, makes it highly likely that the new Kindle Fire HD will run on a Snapdragon 800, the only model that supports that graphics chip. The results also show a resolution of 2560×1600, hinting that it could be the 8.9-inch version that was tested.


No word yet on when Amazon plans to admit that it’s working on some new tablets. It would probably surprise no one if Amazon made that announced at the IFA trade show that will take place on the first week of September in Berlin.

VIA: WebTrek


  1. That’s a pretty beautiful piece of hardware. The software optimizations since the last version are really where my focus is for the launch of this device. Have they optimized the home grown android version to avoid touch lag? Will carousel movements be smooth and consistent in the touch interpretation and response?

    All the power in the world is wonderful but only really is perceived well when the platform demonstrates the ability to use it.


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