The rumors are starting to heat back up regarding Amazon and their Kindle Fire tablet lineup. We’ve been hearing little bits of information about a possible refresh to their Kindle Fire HD lineup, and some new price cuts to existing models are fueling that fire even more. With a new Nexus 7 here, Amazon is surely coming up with something quick.

Late last month some rumors surfaced claiming Amazon was working on some newer, even higher resolution tablets than what they have now, and the details even claimed Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 quad-core would be powering the devices. That sure would beat out Google’s Nexus 7 in the spec battle, but can they still compete on price is the question.

After those initial reports we started to get excited about Amazon’s next slate, but yesterday news surfaced of something else. In order to better compete in the price battle, Amazon could be moving to MediaTek processors for the Kindle Fire HD lineup refresh. The report from DigiTimes even claims the Fire could use their new 8-core chip.


We’re not exactly sure what Amazon has planned for their new tablet, but the current gen was revealed last year in September, so we could see the same announcement arrive next month. If that’s true, the $40 price cut to the existing $199 model that arrived earlier this week sure makes sense. If all goes as expected Amazon should be announcing a new slew of tablets in late September or early October just in time for the holiday season. There’s also talk of an Amazon smartphone, so we’ll keep our eyes open.