It’s a big day for Amazon, no doubt about that. A new dirt cheap Fire tablet and Its first ever 10-inch tablet. Rounding up the new devices is none other than Amazon’s living room experience. While you may still be on the fence whether Amazon Echo even make sense there, Amazon is offering a new way to meet and greet Alexa. A new Fire TV box is coming to stores and it boasts of 4K resolutions. But in addition to that and a revamped game controller, Amazon also has a dedicated remote controller for voice input too.

Now that may sound a wee bit similar to something we’ve heard just last week, but let’s face it, manufacturers want us to start talking to our remote controls too. The new and improved Fire TV remote features a microphone button you can press to call Alexa’s attention. Aside from that, it also bumps up speed and reduces latency. In the past, this remote has been a separate purchase for the Fire TV Stick, but now Amazon is bundling the HDMI stick and the voice-enabled remote for only $49.99, with shipping starting in October.


Another input device that has gotten some attention is the game controller. With that other TV box’s new found focus on games, Amazon will naturally want to emphasize how it got there first. The new Fire TV controller now sports a headphone jack beneath for more private gaming time, And there’s no escaping Alexa here either, as the controller also sports a mic for talking to her. The Fire TV Game Controller ships next month for $39.99 but starting October 5, Amazon will also be offering a $139.99 Amazon Fire TV Gaming Edition that throws in the new Fire TV, the new Game Controller, and a 32 GB microSD card.

Yes, you heard that right. The new Amazon Fire TV finally has a microSD card for expanding storage. But that’s not the only new trick it has. It can now do 4K Ultra HD content too. Sure, there might not yet be a plethora of content with that resolution, but Amazon is one of those vigorously pushing for it. But even those with just 1080p videos benefit from the new box’s higher performance, both on the CPU and GPU sides. And those aren’t the only things that are fast, as 802.11ac Wi-Fi promises equally speedy network performance.


The new Amazon Fire TV goes on pre-order today for $99.99, with shipping slated to start on October 5.