For all you TV and movie watchers Netflix for Android has just received another update today. We aren’t seeing much regarding changes to the phone interface but the tablet UI has improved a little, especially with volume controls. I guess the first attempt for on-screen volume adjustment wasn’t sitting well with the folks from Netflix.

As you can see from the image above, they have updated the general look and feel of the on-screen volume control for tablets. With a tap on the screen you have full access to all the forward and rewind capabilities as before, but just like the update back in February you now can control the volume with a quick and easy slide.

Now a large bubble appears that makes increasing or decreasing the volume extremely simple, and the chat box appears for controlling subtitles and more. Overall the change is pretty minor, but apparently Netflix felt the previous implementation wasn’t good enough. We are hearing a few tips that stability has improved for some Motorola devices that were having issues with streaming. Netflix also claims to have increased stability and fixed a few lingering bugs. Get it now and enjoy!

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