We’ve had a lot of application updates and releases this week so far. Continuing with the excitement is Netflix for Android. It has just received another rather large update and is available now. Too bad streaming is still so-so for Android, we were hoping for an HD version for tablets but are still patiently waiting for that. Details after the break.

The update, which brings Netflix on Android to version 1.7 has added Facebook sharing for non-US users, as well as a few various improvements and bug fixes like most updates should. The biggest new feature though is on-screen volume controls for tablet users. Yes software volume instead of hardware controls that get in the way of the display while watching a movie. The image above nicely shows the new volume slider. (Don’t mind the Charlie Sheen Roast)

The developers from Netflix have also solved some audio related issues and stuttering, as well as improved the overall audio/video sync on both smartphones and tablets. The last and minor update was regarding screen flickering. For those experiencing flickering or weird artifacts while streaming Netflix on tablets that should also be resolved with today’s update. It is available now so head to the market and give it a try. Now lets just keep hoping for an HD version for tablets.

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