Netflix for Android was just updated in the Android market and this has been a long time coming if you ask me. Apparently Netflix has finally got around to adding support for not some but ALL Android 2.2 and 2.3 devices. Back in May it was updated with like 5 new phones supported and many weren’t impressed then in June Netflix added Gingerbread support.

I’m glad they’ve finally updated to support everyone as this was getting a bit old and users were starting to resort to other measures to enable Netflix support. Some of the recent updates without mentioning it also enabled most tablets to work although the quality is a bit lacking. I’m still hopeful that Netflix will release an app for Honeycomb tablets soon.

Now with the latest update almost everyone except for the few running overly old phones will now have complete access to Netflix on Android, something we should have seen months and months ago. Better late than never right guys? Even the new Galaxy Tab 10.1 works over LTE with a little root magic but I have a feeling this latest update will make root no longer be required for many tablet users.

For all us tablet owners we will have to keep waiting for an official tablet app, but all you phone users can rejoice with this latest update. Head down to the source link to download.

[via Android Market]


  1. G2x denied. Netflix lies…. a whole string of denials on the market reviews. Netflix is full of the dark brown stuff that comes out of a bulls but. Lol


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