This isn’t much of a surprise, since we’ve already seen root for the Google IO and retail WiFi versions of the Galaxy Tab 10.1, but happy news none-the-less. Verizon’s new LTE-toting version of the world’s slimmest Android tablet is officially rooted thanks to the fellows at XDA. With root comes all your favorite hacks and mods, including the ability to stream your Netflix movies, over that screaming fast LTE.

Rooting, gives you superuser access to your phone, something many won’t have a use for, but for the more hack-inclined, it can be critical. Getting root can vary in difficulty, but luckily this one is fairly straightforward. All you have to do is download the exploit .zip file, move it to the internal storage, reboot into recovery, and flash it.

Using your new found root access, you can hit up XDA’s forums to find different hacks and mods for your enjoyment. Among these is the ability to run Netflix. Once again you just flash a .zip in recovery, and install a supplied apk, and voila! movies!

All the downloads, details, and instructions are available over at XDA. As always, make sure you backup important files when messing around with recovery or root. Be sure to read through all the instructions and make sure you understand what to do before you take the plunge. Once you are all prepped, dive in and revel in your freedom!

[via XDA]