Netflix has already allowed downloading of videos for offline viewing a couple of months ago. That meant live streaming can be “recorded” for viewing later. It’s one useful feature because at least you can quickly catch up with any TV series you are following. With the updated Netflix app for Android, you can download those movies, TV shows, or just about any other content available on the media gallery.

This time, Netflix is adding another update that will make things even better. From live streaming to offline viewing, you can now save those videos directly to an SD card. It’s another enhancement that will make our lives much easier because time to transfer data has been reduced. This development actually came fast after the offline viewing was allowed considering it took the latter some time to arrive.

Netflix seems to be really serious in making sure subscribers get more from the basic live streaming. If you get a premium plan especially, it’s normal for you to expect added features and services. Inside the app, you can see the ‘Download Location’ switch. Even if there is no external storage, you can still choose to download offline or to an external location.

To maximize one’s Internet connection, you have options: WiFi to download only, at home, and automatically. You may see a new ‘Download Video Quality’ so you can choose how to download a video that is not data-hungry. You can always check the ‘Cellular Data Usage in Video Playback’ option.

Download the updated Netflix app from the Google Play Store to see this important change Netflix owners will appreciate.

VIA: SlashGear