EA Games Need for Speed franchise is extremely popular both on consoles, as well as mobile devices. PS3 and Xbox users around the globe are excited to get their hands on Need for Speed: Most Wanted come October 30th, and it also appears the game will launch the same day for Android. Heading to EA.com confirms the date.

What’s even better is this awesome looking new game (see trailer below) will actually be absolutely free for T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note II users. The Galaxy Note II from T-Mobile was just launched today, and it’ll be a free install. After launching the app on our own Galaxy Note II, we quickly noticed it was just an icon that sends us to the EA download page — which tells us to wait until October 30th.

We knew this awesome game was coming to Android but until now EA never gave an actual release date for the mobile version. October 30th was the date for consoles, but now we know that mobile gamers can enjoy the latest in the Need for Speed franchise too. Check out the teaser trailer below.

Watching the preview trailer Need for Speed certainly looks to be a pretty awesome racing game for Android users. Playing it on the massive 5.5-inch HD display on the Galaxy Note II sure will be a treat. For everyone else we expect NFS to hit the Google Play Store on the 30th for $4.99 — the same price of their past two titles. Stay tuned race fans!