We’ve been previewing Android Nougat the past few months but the first ever commercial release has yet to be finalized. We’re certain though that the first Android 7.0 smartphone will be th LG V20 and not a Nexus model as tradition. We’re curious to test the platform and see what has changed from the Developer Preview and even from last year’s Marshmallow OS.

The Android team is believed to be working on a navigation bar customizer which is a feature still hidden in Nougat. The term ‘customizer’ alone is enough description to tell us that this feature will allow customization of the navigation bar. That’s something always seen as plain being one of the standards in most apps.

If you know coding, note that you can only see the navbar customizer in the Nougat code. It’s something requested by mobile users and now expected to be available soon. Google is believed to have removed the feature, at least, for a while from Android 6.0. No official release yet but someone re-enabled the customizer by simply updating the System UI.

The navbar has several modifiers. The buttons you see can be removed but you may always add new ones or your favorites. Expect to see a clipboard button, space, menu/keyboard switcher, and any keyboard button. Don’t be surprised if you see some icons that may not be functioning yet. We’re assuming they’re still buggy that’s why it’s difficult to organize and why the particular feature was not approved.

We’re really clueless about the hidden navbar customizer but the Android devs could already be working on such update.

VIA: Android Police