Google Pixel Muskie

Another fish has been caught. Muskie, the next Pixel phone, is said to have been sighted on an AOSP code. Only the observant will be able to sight such and we’re lucky to have learned about the information this early. We know more similar, unexpected sightings will happen especially before the Google I/O Conference.

We’ll try our best to share with you whatever we got because like most of those within the Android community, we’re interested as to how Google’s Pixel is making the next flagship phone or duo more unique, attractive, and marketable.

We heard about the muskie name a few weeks before. And now we’re seeing it used in the code and what appears to be a file name.

This Muskie is just one fish but it’s large. There’s also the Walleye which we’re guessing is the smaller next-gen Pixel phone. Not much information on the two but we’re more than sure about the codenames. Muskie and Walleye are the next big fish species so let’s just wait and see. Interestingly, there’s also a third phone which is known as ‘Taimen’.

We have no more details to share about the second-generation Pixels at this point, but there you go: codenames are fully confirmed.

VIA: Android Police