Late last month Mugen power unveiled a new expanded capacity battery for the HTC Sensation 4G that doubled the battery life. Mugen Power is back with another extended life battery for Android fans and this time the battery is for the HTC Mytouch 4G Slide. The new extended life battery that MP offers is called the HLI-PG59100XL and it includes the battery door you need to install the battery into the smartphone.

The MP battery has 3600mAH of power inside compared to the standard Mytouch 4G Slide battery packing in 1520mAH. The company says that the battery is also CE approved. Using its battery the company claims that the moderate user will only need to recharge their phone every four days.

The battery kit is going to sell for $98.95 with the battery door and free shipping. With the higher capacity battery and the new battery door the phone grows to 21.5mm thick. That extra thickness and extra weight are the only downsides. The battery will ship on October 28.