The HTC Sensation smartphone has been around for a while now. We reviewed the smartphone back in May when it first launched. If you use the Sensation and would like to have more run time, you can get a LOT more battery life if you swap the battery inside your device with a new offering from Mugen Power. Mugen Power has a new battery for the HTC Sensation that is available now.

The stock battery for the Sensation is a 1560mAh unit. The battery that Mugen Power offers has more than twice the power capacity with 3600mAh inside. The new battery is part number HLI-Z710EXL and the battery life with the new cell inside is increased by 130%. The new battery will drop right into the battery bay of the Sensation and requires a new battery door.

The battery door is included and with the new battery and door the thickness of the Sensation increases to 18.05mm. That will add bulk, but if you are a heavy user, at least you can keep powered and don’t need an external charger or battery. The battery and door will sell for $104.95.