The Moves fitness tracker app arrived for Android users back in September. We spent a bit of time playing with the app shortly after the initial release, and while we were generally pleased, there seemed to be a few things missing. Notably, user accounts. Well, an updated Moves app has arrived in the Play Store and brought with it a few items, including user accounts.

The user account option is a welcomed addition, and while we aren’t sure how often people actually flip between devices, this does mean your Moves data will not be lost as a result of any change. Otherwise, the folks behind the Moves app have also added API support and a catalog of connected apps. Similar to keeping your history between device moves with the account option, the connected apps catalog means your Moves data can be imported and used with other apps.

Aside from these new additions, Moves remains available as an activity tracker. While we have seen similar hardware such as the Fitbit, the Moves app is able to do this with the hardware already on your phone. Moves uses the smartphone features and is able to automatically detect whether you are walking, biking or running. It also keeps track of the places you visit and can recognize locations such as your home and work.

One of the neat aspects with Moves is in the way the data is displayed. Moves has a very visual appearance and shows everything on an easily readable timeline. Said timeline also includes details on how long each item lasted for and as a whole, the Moves app counts your daily steps as well as the number of miles that you biked or ran during the day. While any always on tracker app will take a toll on battery life, the Moves team does work hard to make sure that is minimized as much as possible.

Anyway, Moves remains available (for free) by way of the Google Play Store and should be an app to consider if you are looking for an activity tracker, especially if you are unwilling and/or unable to shell out for a separate hardware device.


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