The Moves fitness tracker app originally launched for iOS back in January. Since then the app has been downloaded more than 2.5 million times, however as of today the app has come available for a new audience — Android users. Yes, the Moves app has arrived for Android by way of the Google Play Store and it is available for free with no registration required for use.

For those not familiar with Moves. This is an activity tracking app. Perhaps more important for some, in addition to the app being available for free — it does not require any additional hardware. In fact, that appears to be one of the selling points for the app. And truth be told, Moves is incredibly easy to use. You just download it and it begins tracking your activity.

Of course, while simple to set up and simple to get going with, Moves does provide some good information in terms of your daily activity. Granted, that does mean you will need to be carrying your smartphone at all times, but on the flip side the Moves app is able to track your walking, running and cycling activity.

Even further, Moves is able to sense when you are in transit (using GPS) and also identify locations such as your home, work and gym. Otherwise, the app then takes all this information and details it in a storyline format. Users will get daily notifications telling them how active (or inactive) they have been and from that point they can scroll back through the timeline for further details.

Bottom line here, if you are looking for a way to keep track of your daily activity, but were looking to do it without adding any additional hardware (or expense), the Moves app may be one to consider.

SOURCE: Moves, Google Play Store