It seems that there are still companies out there that have not given up on the smartwatch and the wearables market in general. This is a good thing for us too, because the technology for wearables – although not moving as fast as its smartphone counterparts – will only get better from here. This is evident in the new Movado Connect smartwatch, which is in our opinion, a thing of beauty.

Our reaction to the Movado Connect is probably the same as when we first saw the Moto 360. But compared to that earlier design, the Connect is definitely breathtaking. The Movado Connect features edge-to-edge crystal, which gives the display an uber stylish feel. You get 100 different dial variations, but the classic design is striking indeed.

The Movado Connect is one of the first smartwatches designed for Android Wear 2.0, so you get better compatibility and usage for more apps, a responsive touchscreen for reading and managing your push notifications, and it’s even got the new Google Assistant available for you. The display has an “always on” feature and also transitions the watch face for day to night usage.

You’ll get 5 styles for men, with different straps or bracelets and will most likely launch Q3 of this year. It will be interesting to see if Movado will also release styles of this wearable device for women.

SOURCE: Movado



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