Withings now integrated with Sony Lifelog lifestyle tracking app

No one fitness wearable or app can live alone. More often than not, these various apps, programs, and even devices will have to work together in order to give the consumer the best information they need and to meet their needs wherever they are. Sony said during the CES earlier this year that they wanted to build a more evolved wearable portfolio, and that means going into business with third-party partners. Now they’ve launched their first partner card with Withings.

New generation Moto 360 sighted yet again

Trust the Chinese to give the world a peak into the yet-to-be-revealed and upcoming gadgets ahead of official launch. If not more smartphones from manufacturers or fake ones from people who have nothing in mind but to earn money, we’ll be served with more images, leaks, or early hands-on photos. And while we’ve spotted the next-gen Moto 360 a few times already, these photos posted on Weibo tell us more about the next smartwatch from Motorola.

More Android Wear smartwatches to hit the market before 2015 ends

The smartwatch era may still be in its early stages but its obvious that Google is ahead of Apple in the game--that is, if we are to look at the features and not the numbers. Android Wear as a wearable platform is quickly becoming the standard in smartwatches simply because it's Android and there are more compatibles devices that can be supported. Samsung may have the Tizen OS but once more Android Wear watches hit the market, the numbers might change.

AUO announces new displays for smartphones,wearables,touch solutions

It’s not just OEMs that are busy announcing their brand new smartphones, tablets, wearables, etc. Even the folks behind some of the components of those gadgets are also unveiling their new products and offerings, so that maybe next year, they will also appear on the newest devices that will be announced. One such company is AU Optronics Corp or AUO, who announced all their newest display offerings for various kinds of consumer gadgets, including smartphones, wearables and touch solutions for styluses.

Speedo Shine lets swimmers, well, swim and shine with new wearable

There are a lot of wearables in the market that measure our fitness activities, but usually, they are all-in-ones. Rare is the product that focuses on just one fitness aspect, while also being flexible enough to include the others. Speedo Shine is one such gem, and it puts the spotlight this time on swimmers, as the wearable is “the world’s first activity, swim, and sleep tracker” that was designed specifically for those training or just exercising though water activities.

Epson Runsense SF-110 tracks your outdoor fitness activities

Some of the current wearables in the market can be a bit confusing, as they serve both as fitness trackers and notification centers for your connected smartphones. But then there are those whose functions are pretty clear and their priority is that of focusing on measuring your fitness activities. The new Epson Runsense SF-110 knows what it’s supposed to be and hopefully, will do it well.

Next LG smartwatch visits the FCC

The LG Watch Urbane is a thing of beauty. It's not the first round smartwatch from LG. There's also the LG G Watch R which was revealed ahead of IFA last year. The Watch Urbane was the first to run the latest Android Wear and was soon made available in the country last April. We haven't heard of a follow-up until today when an LG Watch has been spotted at the FCC grounds. This could mean a new wearable from the South Korean tech company will be unveiled at the upcoming IFA 2015.

Samsung releases full teaser for upcoming Gear S2 smartwatch

At the end of last week’s launch of Samsung’s new phablets, they pulled off a kind of “wait, there’s one more thing” moment when they revealed the teaser video for their next smartwatch, the Samsung Gear S2. Obviously since it’s a teaser, not much was revealed, aside from the fact that it’s the OEMs first round smartwatch and that it has a more vibrant display than previous offerings. It also looks serious in taking on rivals Apple Watch and the likes.

Polyera Wove to show off what flexible wearable is all about

If you were already amazed with Samsung’s Galaxy S6 edge and S6 edge Plus and their curved screens, then you might want to brace yourself for this one, which might seem the stuff that sci-fi shows are made of, but may actually become a reality soon. At least, that’s what tech startup Polyera is trying to do. They will be releasing their Wove wearable to show off what flexible electronics is all about.
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