DROID BIONIC users were none too thrilled when they learned that the laptop dock didn’t work with the same accessory from AT&T’s Atrix. Now Motorola has removed that little wrinkle with the Lapdock 100, a universal laptop dock for all upcoming Webtop phones including the Atrix 2. Even better, it’ll be compatible with the older Motorola phones as well.

Motorola skirts the physical docking problem with a more traditional cable that plugs into the ports on the side of the phone. This makes for a less integrated unit, but the cross-device advantages should be enough to offset that in the minds of most consumers. Some phones, like the BIONIC, will need an OTA software upgrade to use the new accessory. The Lapdock 100 keeps the 10-inch screen and dedicated Android buttons from the previous docks. The manufacturer is claiming five hours of battery life for the Lapdock, and users can connect to the Internet via Wifi or cable tethering with their device.

AT&T will be the first to sell the Lapdock 100 on October 17th. Other carriers with Webtop-enabled phones will follow later this year. Pricing, alas, is not available, but at least you won’t have to wait long to find out. The device keeps one of the coolest features of the original, a full desktop-style Firefox browser and screen mirroring of its connected smartphone.

[via Android Central]