Much of the Motorola chatter has surrounded the rumored X-Phone lately, however it looks like another handset has been revealed. This latest is the Motorola XT912A and it has been spotted, pictured and reviewed in Vietnam. While we have yet to see anything from Motorola on this particular handset, it does leave us wanting to know a bit more. Still, wanting to know more is a difference from seeing something with a wow factor.

Basically, the Motorola XT912A looks to have some potential. Granted, that is not to say high-end, but certainly something to consider depending on the pricing. The handset is noted as having a 4-inch 720p display along with a Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, Adreno 320 graphics, 2GB of RAM and a 2000 mAh battery. The software appears to be a fairly stock version of Android. There is the Motorola widget sitting on display, however we could not help but notice the standard three capacitive buttons — one for back, home and menu.


Looking at the front of the handset and we are also seeing the Motorola logo towards the top left. On some level it looks a bit unbalanced on the left hand side, but it is clean and simple looking nonetheless. From the backside we are also seeing a simple clean look. You will nice the camera, flash and Motorola logo with a speaker sitting just to the right of the camera. The overall appearance of the phone appears to be rather nice.

This of course brings the question as to whether this is final hardware or something being used for testing. As of now we have yet to see anything that would suggest a release was coming anytime soon. On that thought, while this is certainly not the specs we are expecting in the X-Phone, this could potentially be a nice mid-level device from Motorola. Time will tell just how accurate that thought will be though.

[via Tinhte]


  1. Notice at approx 3:40, there looks to be some type of unfamiliar side scrolling tabs or something on the display…can anyone explain what that could be? Regardless, I like the look of this much better than the typical norm from Motorola.

    • It looks to have curved glass at about 3:42 and early on did you notice the button on screen for “fullscreen” to get rid of those on-screen nav buttons.

      Also if anyone can translate what he’s saying. Feel free to drop details in the comments. Does he mention screen size, talk about the speaker on bottom bezel, things like that.


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